Hey all Chch peoples!

I am back in dear old Christchurch and would love to start catching up with people but it seems I have forgotten to bring anyone's phone numbers with me :( So please email me your contact details to staraniseisaspiceATgmailDOTCOM.

And Happy New Year to the lot of you. I think this year is shaping up to be a good one.


I don't want to be at work today.

I haven't wanted to be at work all week.

I am just so so tired. I love my job and I enjoy what I do but right now I am so tired that I do not care even a little bit. I want to lie in the sun and sleep. I want to read a book, do some craft, go for a walk, kiss Mr Rob. I think I need a holiday.
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Things to be grateful for

1. My week of horror has ended. This included a visit from one of my main clients to discuss where the project is at and where it will go next, writing and submitting ethics protocols (huge, horrible and I don't want to talk about it anymore) and an interview for my own job.

2. I got my own job and will now be employed for the next three years! Hooray! Also I got a pay rise :)

3. We are starting a new gaming group to play Iron Kingdoms and it should involve lots of role-playing rather than roll-playing.

4. Our new dishwasher has demolished Mt Dishmore.

5. I am having a day at home. This will involve snuggling on the couch with Mr Rob and the puppy.

6. Coffee.

7. I just found out that Terence Scully has translated Bartolomeo Scappi's 1570 cookbook Opera di Bartomoleo Scappi and it is due to be published this year. I have been looking round for a copy of this book since late last year and now there is going to be an English translation so I don't have to learn Italian. *Happy dances*.

Alright time for the next load of laundry. I tells ya my life is full of excitement.

Beer and Pizza!

Hey Hey all Christchurch peoples!

I am in town and would like to catch up with those I haven't seen yet (and those who I have as well!) so I was thinking beer and pizza and maybe some boardgames would be fun. I don't have transport this trip as the van has died :( so you would all have to come to me.

What: Beer, Pizza and games
When: Sunday 13th Jan from 7pm
Where: My parents house (I will post the address in a friends only post to follow)

Drop me a comment or ring if you can come.

Here we come 2008!

Howdy everyone!

Yes I know I am a very bad LJer and haven't posted anything in about 6 months, so of course the first thing I am going to do is start off with a request. I am flying out of Sydney to NZ on the 9th of January, but because of the early hour at which I am required to check in (6:30am is when I need to be at the airport)I need to travel up to Sydney on the 8th. Are there any Sydneysiders out there who could put me up for the night of the 8th of January? I will buy you dinner/chocolate/beer/wine/food of choice for the privelege of sleeping on your couch.

For all you Chch people, I will be in town from the 9th - 16th of Jan. I know lots of you will be back to work but I hope I can still manage to catch up with everyone. Please email me if you don't have my mobile number.

And now back to slothing around and enjoying the last day of holidays.

Happy New Year everybody!

Well I suppose I should do an update....

....cos I haven't posted anything for a very long time. Ahem. I have been busy. The usual excuse I know but there it is.

We have now shifted into our new house! Hooray! We only lost one couch in the move, it decided to fly off the trailer and roll down the road and is now a little too battered to be let into the house. Fortunately a friend who was helping us move was behind the trailer when it all happened and he stopped and hauled the couch off the road. Gah. Anyway the couch has a new home in the garage and if we throw a rug over it no one will ever know that all the corners have been scraped off (except for you guys and you aren't saying - right? right?). Its pair will end up in the library and we will buy a new couch for the living room. So it wasn't so bad in the end.

The house itself is reasonably comfortable but there are a number of little niggly things to be fixed and some much larger issues to be dealt with in the coming weeks. At the top of the niggly list is putting new washers in the washing machine taps. It is not fun to be dealing with a very leaky washing machine late in the evening when you really want to go to bed and there is a spreading pool of water in the laundry. The other niggly thing is the back door, which I can't open without damaging my hands. I think the snib is sticking, or the handle. Not sure how to fix that yet but I think the internets will probably provide some handy hints. Or someone at Bunnings maybe. The bigger things to deal with are the insulation and the kitchen. Our house is absolutely freezing unless you have the gas heater going continuously and that is going to get very expensive. So this weekend we are off to buy bats for the roof. That should help a great deal initially and then later on we will look at pumping insulation into the walls and double glazing the windows. The kitchen is a much bigger problem than I initially thought and we are going to have to get onto renovating it ASAP. We have only been in the house a week and it is already pissing us off. The cupboards are too narrow, the shelves the wrong spacing, the drawers and too shallow, its cramped, ugly and generally annoying. I think we will be getting people out to give us a quote next week.

I know this sounds all a bit negative but we really are happy to be in our new house. We now have space to breathe and we have a library, a craft room and a spare bedroom. The price of getting these things though was a house that needed renovating and once it is done it will be absolutely beautiful.

Anyway thats enough house blather from me. If you want to come and see it yourself the address will be in a friends only post to follow. Or email me for the address.

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!


Alright I shall now pull myself together and tell you all about it. So, last week (on the same day that we sold our house mind you!) I had an interview. That all seemed to go very well and on Monday I got an email to say that they were impressed with my interview but there were other applicants with better admin skills than me so they had decided to appoint someone else to the position. They then went on to say that they would like me to come over and meet them to discuss other job opportunities that would be better suited to my genetics skills. I wasn't to fussed about missing out on the first job since it wasn't quite what I wanted, I had just applied to get a foot in the door. So I trotted over to their offices today and they offered me 6 months of genotyping and mapping to get experience with mice with the possibility of moving onto a project coordinator position later on when they got further funding. Squeeeeee!!!!! I am very, very happy. It seems that they are genuinely interested in giving me experience and training and developing my skills further. I hope I will enjoy working there, they all seem very nice. I start in a week and a half.

Alrighty I am off to do the happy, happy, happy dance.

*Dance, dance, dance*
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Crazy life

Things have been happening crazy fast round here the last few weeks and I've hardly had time to catch my breath and think about them.

Anyway on the house front, we finally made exchange on our new house at the beginning of last week, so we now have a few more weeks and the house will officially be ours. Hooray! As for our current house we have had a couple of offers made on it and we are waiting to see what will happen next. People seem to be very keen on our house, mostly because there is almost nothing for sale under $300k. Also we have a beautiful backyard.

On top of all of that we cooked for May Crown on Saturday night. 150 hungry people sitting down for dinner but it all went fabulously well. Food went out hot and on time and the feedback was that it tasted really good. Very happy about all of that.

Then if that wasn't enough I had my very first interview for a real job yesterday. I hope it went well, I answered all the questions, including all the technical ones about screening mutant mice and determining the mutated gene etc etc and now it is a case of wait and see. I would like that job because I think it would be (1) interesting and (2) a foot in the door to do even more interesting work in that area. However, even if I don't get the job I have at least I have now had an interview and will be more prepared for the next one. Practice makes perfect.

Now I just want to sit somewhere quiet for a little while and put my head back together. Oh and do some work on the stupid thesis. It would be good to have at least three chapters finished before starting a real job, four if a miracle occurs and I can actually get myself to write something :/


It looks like we are finally going forward on the purchase of our house! Hooray, hooray, calloo-callay :) We ran into a few problems over the last couple of weeks with the bank holding everything up and being unsure about giving us a loan because Rob is a contractor. However our lovely mortgage broker went and had a meeting with them and convinced the loans manager that we were a good bet and finally on Monday our loan was approved! It is such a good feeling to know that it has all been sorted (knock wood that nothing else will go wrong). We are expecting to sign the exchange papers on Friday and at that point everything is pretty much final and it is just a matter of waiting for settlement to happen. Of course in that time we will be putting our house on the market and of course cooking May Crown, so its not like we won't have lots of things to occupy us.